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Forward-thinking organisations know that removing the barriers that prevent women successfully returning to work after maternity has to be a priority. The maternity transition is a crunch time in women's professional lives, as most new mums face barriers when it comes to re-engaging with work and continuing their career development.


This weakens the female talent pipeline. It is a significant contributor to why gender diversity decreases at senior levels and the gender pay gap. Helping women through the maternity transition, so they return engaged, positive and able to keep up career momentum brings significant benefits to organisations:

  • Stronger female talent pipeline

  • Gender diversity

  • Productivity

  • Closes the gender pay gap

  • Prevents skills gaps

  • Improves reputation as a family-friendly employer.

I work with organisations to create bespoke solutions that enable them to quickly and easily shift to a culture where maternity returners re-connect successfully, feeling valued, engaged and understood. Depending on what your organisation needs, I will work with you to raise awareness and empathy, implement best practice, and give returners and managers the support they need to weather this life transition.

Services are customised to provide the most appropriate and effective solution to address the organisation's needs. They can include:

  • Consultancy: assess what you need to do to ensure your pregnant employees and returning mums have a best-practice experience

  • Webinars and workshops: interactive and bespoke sessions that raise awareness, upskill your workforce and support your returners

  • E-learning resources and toolkits: just-in-time solutions for managers and returners

  • Coaching: maternity coaching and 1:1 support for their managers

Take a look at our Maternity Returners Solutions overview for a quick introduction to our services.  

Interested in how to successfully re-engage your returning mums? Drop me a message to book a free scoping session

41% of mothers

41% of mothers are held back from promotion (Working Families)

Burn out

One third of mothers feel burned out
(Women in the Workplace) 

Two thirds

Women carry out two thirds more childcare than men (Office of National Statistics)