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Forward thinking organisations know that helping women make a successful return to work after maternity has to be a priority. The maternity transition is a crunch time in women's lives when their careers are put at risk, with many dipping out of the workforce or finding their career development stalls.


This weakens the female talent pipeline. It is a significant contributor to the low numbers of women in senior roles and the gender pay gap. Helping women through the maternity transition, so they return engaged, positive and able to keep up career momentum brings significant benefits to organisations:

  • Stronger female talent pipeline

  • Gender diversity

  • Productivity

  • Closes the gender pay gap

  • Prevents skills gaps

  • Improves reputation as a family-friendly employer.

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Research shows that supporting women through the maternity transition is an effective way to retain and continue to develop female colleagues in your organisation, so you keep your talent in your business. Giving women maternity coaching impacts positively in so many ways - saving on recruitment costs, and building a female talent pipeline that will ensure your organisation increases its gender diversity at senior levels and closes that gender pay gap. It also prevents you using valuable talent to your competitors.

"Emma really helps me with momentum. The sessions are really useful and productive and I've had some key revelations about how I am behaving – and procrastinating about work"

"Emma is a very good listener and it’s been good to have the ability to share experiences
and ideas and have someone to bounce ideas off, in confidence, about how to deal with a
particular situation"

"I feel comfortable talking about anything. Coaching with Emma has helped reaffirm me on a personal level"


The organisations I work with know from experience that putting parental policies and checklists in place isn't enough. Achieving a cultural shift where leaders and managers understand the challenges faced by returning mums and the benefits to the organisation of keeping women in the talent pipeline, takes more than providing forms to fill in. I provide training solutions that really shift the dial in organisations, so that line managers develop a confident and consistent, human approach. This means expectant and new mums continue to feel connected and valued, even while on maternity leave, and make a successful return to work.


“It was my great pleasure to be able to work with Emma on a Lunch & Learn on Maternity Returners for the organisation. Emma’s profound expertise and personable nature made the design of this session a delight to put together and her support and steerage was fundamental to its success. The effects of maternity will impact us all in a work setting and Emma was inclusive in her approach, ensuring that I, as a man without any children, felt like an active ally. Emma’s warmth was noted by the 40+ attendants of the Lunch & Learn, who were keen to engage all the way through. I am firm in my belief that Emma’s intervention has begun a new, shared organisational understanding of maternity in the GDC, and how the experience of it equips our business with important skills and inclusive culture that leads to enhanced performance. I would not hesitate to get in touch with Emma again for advice, strategy, or just a catch up – indeed, we are already engaging with her again for support with our Managers’ toolkit. The GDC has long desired a workplace culture of inclusion and belonging and our relationship with Emma has ensured that this aspiration is being realised.”

John Simmonds, EDI Manager, General Dental Council


"At UKAEA we are committed to developing an inclusive workplace and one of those areas we are seeking continuous improvement is supporting the professional development of women following pregnancy and maternity. By using the skills, knowledge, and expertise of Dr Waltham to share practical advice to women, line managers and the wider organisation on how to support their colleagues throughout their pregnancy and afterwards. The impact of Emma’s session and the blog she wrote was to continue the conversation across UKAEA and support the work of our Being Inclusive Executive Sponsor for Pregnancy and Maternity, my role as Equality, Diversity and Inclusion Partner and our Inclusion Ambassadors. Working with Emma was truly a collaborative venture and one which I am sure will continue."
Marcia Ore, EDI Partner, UK Atomic Energy Authority