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Why STEM Returners?

STEM Returners is a multi-award-winning solution to an industry-wide problem. Since 2017 STEM Returners has helped over 200 engineers return to work across the UK – comprising 46% are women and 34% from minority ethnic groups (in the engineering sector currently only 8% of employees are women and 6% minority ethnic).


STEM Returners clients include: BAE System, BT, dstl and the Intellectual Property Office.


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Recruitment Solutions

Together with my partners STEM Returners, we will help your organisation attract and recruit a diverse group of experienced professionals.


STEM Returners provide ‘returnships’ aimed at introducing underrepresented groups back into STEM, helping companies and candidates to dismantle the barriers that career breaks often present, and engaging those who lack the confidence to re-enter the world of work following an absence.


How does the programme work?

Recruitment – STEM Returners use proactive and inclusive recruiting methods to source a wide pool of experienced professionals for your company’s roles.


Candidates are supported through the recruitment process to help them effectively showcase their experience and skills.


Returners are assisted through the application and onboarding process to help them engage successfully when they join your organisation.


Coaching and mentoring – Returners receive intensive one-to-one support and workshops throughout the application and return to work phase, including confidence building, interview preparation, application advice and work-life balance tips.


Support for managers - Hiring managers receive education and support to help them value and support their returners, gain manager buy-in and ensure that returners feel welcomed and supported.

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