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Top 5 Business Podcasts for Newbie Entrepreneurs

Updated: Apr 13

Mmm, how do you find the time to get a business off the ground when you're a mum taking care of young children? One time-efficient way to gain inspiration and knowledge is to tune in to podcasts. They’re entertaining and accessible, you can listen on the go, and dip in and out when you get chance. Here are five of my personal favourites

Written by Emma Waltham | Careers after Maternity Expert |

Business podcasts can help your idea turn to reality

If you want to set up your own business then take advantage of the huge number of entrepreneurship podcasts out there. They are great for getting inspiration and advice from people who’ve achieved what you’re embarking on.

Whatever you’re interested in you can find a podcast that covers it. You can listen to actionable tips and strategies from successful entrepreneurs on all aspects of founding a viable start up, from niching, marketing, branding and funding, to leadership and mindset. There’s also interviews with business founders who share their stories to inspire you, plus you can learn from their successes and mistakes.

Podcasts are a great way of learning for women who are juggling a busy family life with trying to find the time to get a business off the ground. I listen to them on the go, while I’m in the car, walking or cooking dinner, and dip in and out as time allows.

“Listen to actionable tips and strategies from successful entrepreneurs on all aspects of founding a viable start up, from niching, marketing, branding and funding, to leadership and mindset”

Here are five of my personal favourites which I listen to regularly. I’ve learned so much from them while setting up my coaching business and it’s made the process seem much less lonely, with all these voices chatting in my ear. Most of these podcasts are presented by women, I think because I know if they can do the juggle and succeed in business, then I can too.

1. Being Boss with Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson

Being Boss is brought to you by Kathleen Shannon and Emily Thompson, self-proclaimed business besties and moms. Kathleen is co-founder of a branding consultancy and Emily a serial entrepreneur, and here they share their expertise to help other creative entrepreneurs scale their businesses and bank balance.

They are open about all aspects of growing a business from launch to profit, while encouraging listeners to ‘show up and do the work’. With their engaging rapport and interesting guests, their weekly podcast always entertains and informs. Just to warn you, there is swearing, including the F word, so it might not be one to listen to with the kids around!

2. Online Marketing Made Easy with Amy Porterfield

Amy Porterfield earned her spurs working for Tony Robbins, before going on to launch her own online marketing business. Her Online Marketing Made Easy podcast is overflowing with actionable tips on how to use content, social media, and email marketing to sell products and services. Every episode has a download to show listeners how to put the theory into practice. There’s also interviews with other entrepreneurs, and Amy shares her backstory of the trials and tribulations she went through to build a flourishing online business.

3. The Classy Career Girl with Anna Runyan

Anna is founder of the Classy Career Girl website and mother to two small children. Her Classy Career Girl podcast covers all things related to the workplace, including working for someone else and being a business owner. There’s a mine of information available in the podcast backlist, covering everything from how to set up a blog to identifying your personal brand, with training, expert interviews and success stories. Some episodes are bite size and some more in-depth, and whatever you want to hear about, you’ll find something relevant here.

4. Women in Business with June Sarpong

Sponsored by NatWest and presented by broadcaster and author, June Sarpong the Women in Business podcast series follows the stories of emerging women entrepreneurs. It features tips and advice from guest mentors in a range of areas. Business owners from a variety of sectors from manufacturing, media and food to tech and travel, share their experiences of founding a start up and talk through confidence, networking, funding and more. There’s also a parallel NatWest series, Spotlight on Business presented by retail guru Mary Portas.

5. FT Start-up Stories

This one isn't presented by a woman, but hey, I like it. Financial Times’s Jonathan Moules hosts the FT Start-up Stories podcast, during which he talks to successful entrepreneurs through the highs and lows of building their businesses. Sectors covered include tech, retail, media and more.

Each episode includes comments from experts on the topics the business owners have raised, such as crowdfunding, hiring, networking and overcoming failure.

To wrap up, these are five (well six really, a bonus one snuck in) of my top podcasts for busy mums who want to launch their own business. There are so many good ones out there but these are my go-to podcasts and I wanted to share them with you. It’s energising to listen to other business founders, particularly women, openly share their stories and experience, all for free. I’ve learned so much from these and I know you can too. And if you have any other biz podcasts you love that I haven’t included, please do share them in the comments.

“Most of them are presented by women, I think because I know if they can do the juggle and succeed in business, then I can too”

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