• Emma Waltham

Don't Make This CV Mistake

Updated: Oct 21

There's a common mistake that applicants make when they are putting together their CV, that's actually so easy to avoid. Here's how to make sure you don't fall into this trap and instead write a CV that will shine

Written by Emma Waltham | Careers after Maternity Expert

Don't fall into the usual CV trap

Do you know one of the biggest mistakes people make when they do their CV? They focus on what their responsibilities were. They tell the recruiter everything they were told to do:

‘I was responsible for managing the budget’

‘It was my role to ensure all the raw materials were ordered on time’

‘I was accountable for product development’.

Are you falling into this trap with your CV?

Turn it Around

If so, you need to flip things around, from saying what you were told to do, to what you achieved. So, instead of saying ‘I was responsible for managing the budget’, ask yourself, what did you achieve with the budget? Did you save money? How much?

Then change that line to ‘I saved the company £100,000 by reviewing the budget and recommending changes.’ See what I mean?

Instead of describing what you were told to do, writing about what you achieved produces much more impactful statements that show the recruiter just how much value you can bring to their organisation.

"Flip things around, from saying what you were told to do, to what you achieved"

What's Key?

Even better, when applying for a job, look through the ad for the keywords, such as ‘time management, customer service, organisation skills’ and make sure you are definitely talking about those capabilities in terms of the results you’ve achieved. It’s really important you get those in, as they are the skills the organisation is particularly looking for.

And these are the achievements you should highlight in your personal statement, which comes right at the top of your CV, under your contact details. This will show them, right from the start, that you are someone that has what they are looking for, who’s successful and who will add value. It will hook that recruiter in.

Recruiters take about 6 seconds to scan a CV and if you don’t grab them by then, they will move on to the next one. So don't make the mistake that so many other job seekers do, instead, follow this tip and write a compelling CV that will catch their eye.

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