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Common Coaching Concerns

Updated: Oct 21

Do you have concerns about booking career coaching? It's a big decision to make, considering whether to invest in one-to-one coaching and so it's wise to think it through. Here's an FAQ to help you make up your mind, with answers to the most common questions I'm asked on discovery calls

Written by Emma Waltham | Careers after Maternity Expert

If you’re considering career coaching in the hope it will help you get back into work you'll love, and figure out a way to pull that off and juggle family life, it's natural to be carefully weighing up the decision. It's totally understandable to be wary. You want to be sure that this is right for you and that you are choosing the right coach to work with.

What do I offer?

My 1:1 coaching programme supports and energises mums into career clarity and confidence, when they are feeling stuck and overwhelmed by how to return to fulfilling work. My coaching programme is designed to help mums whose careers have stalled, showing them how to get back to where they want to be, in well-paid work, with a set-up that they can blend (most of the time!) with family life. (You can find out more about me and my coaching programme here.)

To help you in your decision making, I've put together the following FAQs to address the common questions that come up when people are on discovery calls with me.


Q. My Confidence is Really Low

It’s natural for confidence to take a knock when your career is in the sidings. Before becoming parents, work defines us. What we do at work is so important to our identity and feelings of self-worth and accomplishment that it really affects confidence when we step away.

Maternity Coach, Emma Waltham

My programme uses a strengths-based approach, rooted in positive psychology, to help you reconnect with what you’re good at, to raise confidence fast. Clients tell me that this is one of the biggest impacts that coaching with me has. It rapidly boosts confidence levels, showing them how much they have to offer employers, even if they've had a long employment gap.

Q. How Much Time Will it Take?

There is no easy way to get that dream job. I won’t lie to you – it takes a lot to reboot a career when you’ve had time away. The world isn’t set up to welcome women back at the level they worked at before children, before they stepped off the ladder. When you've had a career break, whether that's time out or in a job that just fits around the kids, it's not easy to get back in.

This is why you feel like you need help. You probably already know that it will take a focused, planned approach that has impact: you'll need a compelling CV, LinkedIn profile and great networking skills. It takes resilience when inevitably you get knocked back. Spend an hour a day on this though, make a proper commitment to work at it, and you will get there, though I can't promise a quick result. It takes time.

Q. Is it Expensive?

I offer a career coaching programme that is six 1-hour sessions (by phone or Skype), for a total of £750. Payment can be staged over several instalments. It’s understandable that you might be worried about committing to this, especially if you're not currently working. It is an investment though, one you'll be making in your long-term future, to get you the support you need to boost your career prospects. Career coaching with me will get you there faster than if you'd tried to figure this out alone, and you'll probably aim higher than you would have without support, achieving a higher salary, if that's what's important to you.

Q Will I Get My Dream job?

I can’t make promises about that because it depends on how committed you are to doing the work required. I can help you with confidence, career clarity and give you the tools to be able to make a really great job application. I can help you with interview skills and how to negotiate flexibility and salary, but you are the one that will ultimately have to do the work, step out of your comfort zone at times, and keep your goal in mind, even when you inevitably get rejected. I will support and encourage you, but ultimately you will need to do what's required to get what you want.

Q Are You the Right Coach for Me?

It’s really important we are a good fit for each other, because a great coaching relationship is all about teamwork. I work best with women who are ambitious, willing to put the effort in required to get what they want, and who want to aim high but currently feel stuck. Does that sound like you? I am encouraging and supportive, but will challenge you if I feel it is necessary to help you move forward to your goal. If you think we would work well together, then take the next step and get in touch.

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