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5 Top Reads for Returning to Work

Updated: Jun 21, 2021

Reading books is a productive and enjoyable way to help you relaunch a successful career after an employment gap. Here are my recommended reads, in no particular order, for making a career comeback

Written by Dr Emma Waltham | Maternity Returners Expert

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World Book Day comes around fast doesn’t it? This year my two children are both off to school dressed as Harry Potter. Now they're 8 and 6 I'm finally in the swing off it, an old hand at this, no panicking at the last minute to throw something together.

But World Book Day isn't just for kids, is it? There are many books out there to help you with your career. Here are five of my favourites which are particularly useful if you're planning to return to work after a career break:

She's Back – Your Guide to Returning to Work, by Lisa Unwin and Deb Khan

A great, practical handbook to returning to work in today's fast evolving job market. It encourages you to take the long view of your career and gives actionable strategies for making a career comeback.

The Psychology of Success – Secrets of Achievement, by Judith LearyJoyce

While it describes itself as giving you the toolkit to achieve serial success, a significant take-away from this book is how to figure out what your talents are, so you can use them to wow employers, and gain an understanding of what you need in your life to be successful and happy.

Mothers Work – How to Get a Grip on Guilt and make a Smooth Return to Work, by Jessica Chivers

In a similar vein to She's Back, this walks you through how to make the return-to-work transition as stress free as possible, with tips on how to get the right set up to enable you to thrive.

Becoming, by Michelle Obama

In her autobiography, Michelle Obama shows how she moved away from being a corporate lawyer into work that she found much more fulfilling, before having to make a change once again on becoming First Lady. The process she went through is one we can learn from and use ourselves, even though we're (probably) not married to a President.

Lean in – Women, Work, and the Will to Lead, by Sheryl Saunders

The COO of Facebook's groundbreaking review of why women aren't getting the top jobs. She makes us think about the root causes and how we might better achieve our full potential.

Have you got any books to recommend to women returning to work after a career break? I'd love to hear which books have helped you with your career.

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