We enable women and their managers to successfully navigate the maternity transition, creating a supportive and welcoming culture for returning mums

What kind of experience do women have in your organisation when they become parents? Do they face barriers in returning to work and continuing their career development? Are they feeling stressed or overwhelmed?

Are there role models to show them that is possible to progress and be a mum? Do your managers consistently and confidently use best practice to support and re-engage your returning mums?

Do you feel concerned that your working mums are frustrated and dis-engaged? Even more worryingly, have you received complaints?
Work with us and this will change. We partner with organisations who want to make sure that their working mums feel welcome and supported when they go through the huge life change that is the maternity transition. We offer coaching to their pregnant employees, new mums and their managers. This quickly creates an inclusive culture for maternity returners, bringing about a shift in thinking and upskilling managers so that women come back to work feeling positive, re-engaged and valued.
This is how to retain and develop your returning mums, so you keep your talent in your business, rather than losing your experienced female staff to competitors. It's how you save on recruitment costs, and build a female talent pipeline that will ensure your organisation increases gender diversity at senior levels and closes the gender pay gap. 

What My Clients Say

“One thing that really surprised me about going on leave was how much my confidence would take a knock. Before working with Emma I felt very vulnerable and concerned that people would  think I wasn't coping. Thanks to the coaching those fears have gone away.”

Team leader, STEM company

"I really appreciate how Emma is able to be flexible and help me with whatever challenge I'm facing. It's invaluable having that time to think and talk through what I'm dealing with, knowing it's confidential. Her expertise in this field assures me I'm working with someone who understands."

Post doc, Research institute

"Emma reassured me that I am planning and interacting in the right way with my colleague. I appreciated that the session wasn't leading, but instead Emma made suggestions about what might be good practice. I really enjoyed the coaching and it was very valuable."

Senior leader, Engineering firm

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