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Working from Home

E-Learning Solutions

We offer 'just-in-time', self-directed training sources for both leaders and employees going on/returning from family leave to access whenever they need support and guidance. These are engaging materials that are hosted on the learning manager system to inform and educate, leading to a more positive experience for women taking leave. This resource improves inclusion and career progression, as people are eased back in more effectively post-leave It comprises:
  • Step-by-step framework of best practice for when people take parental leave, including a flowchart
  • Communication plan - importance and 'how to'
  • Onboarding plan - what is this and how to implement in
  • Enhancing wellbeing of returners
  • How to facilitate returners' career progression
This resource provides a bite-size learning experience with pre-recorded video, pdfs and checklists. Employees access guidance and support in the way that best works for them, when they need it. It gives a best-practice framework that means people taking family leave continue to feel connected and valued, and return to work with the support they need to continue their career development.

Time to successfully re-engage your returning mums? Contact us to arrange a free scoping session

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