We enable women and their managers to successfully navigate the maternity transition, creating a supportive and welcoming culture for returning mums

Coaching Solutions

Research shows that supporting women through the maternity transition is an effective way to retain and continue to develop female colleagues in your organisation, so you keep your talent in your business. Giving women maternity coaching impacts positively in so many ways - saving on recruitment costs, and building a female talent pipeline that will ensure your organisation increases its gender diversity at senior levels and closes that gender pay gap. It also prevents you losing valuable talent to your competitors.

What My Clients Say

"Emma really helps me with momentum. The sessions are really useful and productive and I've had some key revelations about how I am behaving – and procrastinating about work"

"Emma is a very good listener and it’s been good to have the ability to share experiences
and ideas and have someone to bounce ideas off, in confidence, about how to deal with a
particular situation"

"I feel comfortable talking about anything. Coaching with Emma has helped reaffirm me on a personal level"

Coaching Case Study


Emma Waltham and a STEM research institute are partnering on a maternity coaching pilot.


The Institute approached Emma after identifying that their female employees who are on an academic pathway are particularly struggling to maintain their career progression when they become parents. This is negatively impacting on the proportion of women in senior levels at the Institute and therefore on the gender pay gap.


It is also a challenge and a significant cost to replace women with this level of specialist knowledge and expertise if they leave or are not taking up leadership posts. The Institute is therefore offering women intensive, expert support at this pivotal time as they go through the maternity transition – the point when the career progression of females in STEM is so often put at risk.


The pilot is providing 1:1 coaching sessions to pregnant women, those on maternity leave and returning mums. The objective is to help women to balance their professional lives with parenthood and give them the support they need to be able to keep their careers on track.

Initial feedback from the participants is that they are finding the sessions invaluable and they are helping them to understand their priorities and goals, and improve their work life blend, meaning they are more positive about their professional future.