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  • Lost confidence since you became a parent?

  • Shocked by how little part-time jobs pay?

  • Frustrated finding work that fits in with family life?

  • Considering a skills refresh or retraining?

  • Out of touch with your old professional network?

  • Thinking about going freelance or setting up your own business?

You've come to the right place.

Does it feel like now's the time to get your career back on track?



"Emma is very easy to talk to and I felt comfortable to bring anything up. She is brilliant at helping with transitions and confidence"


"Emma really helped me clarify my goals, quickly and easily, providing me with a clarity that I had been lacking. I found her very personable and extremely easy to talk to.
I would highly recommend working with Emma; she is able to find the point where you are stuck and move you forward


You pressed pause on your career to focus on family life, but now you're ready to return to a job that puts you back on the career ladder and gives your family the financial security it needs.


However, finding your way back into a well-paid job, that gives you fulfilment and fits with family life, is a challenge. You've lost confidence and you're worried you're not good enough for the roles you're interested in. Your network has moved on, while you feel like you're in a time warp, with all your training and hard-earned expertise going to waste.


You're frustrated that jobs that are advertised as flexible or part-time are just not on the same level as what you did before. Not to mention the childcare elephant in the room. You're not sure how you'll even manage the mental load if you do go back to work. How will you cope with the juggle?


You don't have to do this alone.


I help ambitious women like you return to fulfilling work successfully, working with you 1:1 to build confidence and energise you into taking the bold steps you need to get a well-paid career role, on your terms.


Working with me will give you the confidence and know-how you need to sell yourself effectively:

  • which career is right for you

  • a compelling CV, even if you've got an employment gap

  • how to promote yourself on LinkedIn

  • networking to find a role

  • interview techniques

  • how to negotiate a good salary with flexible working.


You'll have a plan, too, for how to juggle work and family life, when you take on the new role.

I'm there to encourage you every step of the way: to support you so, instead of trying to figure all this out by yourself, feeling anxious, procrastinating, struggling with your self-esteem or settling for a role that isn't right for you, you'll be positive, focused, driven and prepared.


If you're ready to get the support you need to build your confidence and do the work required to get back into a career role that will pay you what you need to be financially secure, book a FREE call with me today. Find out how I can help you get a successful, well-paid job that will fulfil you and work with family life.

1:1 Career Return Programme

  • A bespoke three-month programme tailored to you, that will give you the confidence to make a positive and successful return to work, to a job that's right for you and meets your financial goals.

  • This programme will be designed to give you the confidence, clarity and sense of purpose you need to sell yourself effectively, secure a package that makes going back to work financially viable, and be ready and prepared for the mental load of juggling career and family life.

  • We'll work together 1:1 to identify what support you need, whether that's career clarity, a boost in confidence, job searching and interviewing help, or negotiating skills.

  • We start with an initial, FREE 30-minute consultation by phone/Skype to discuss what you want to achieve from career coaching and how I can help you with that. This gives us the opportunity to decide if I am the right expert to support you in returning to work.

  • Over three months we'll work together 1:1 over the phone or on Skype, and I will support and encourage you in doing what you need to do to feel positive and be able to get back on the career ladder, so you can land a role that's fulfilling and successful on your terms.

  • This three-month programme costs £750 with payment plans available.


About Emma
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"I was totally energised after working with Emma. I wanted to set new goals for myself. I now know what I can achieve and I have the momentum that
I need


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