Solutions to support women and their organisations through maternity transition

Why are organisations investing in support for working mums?

Becoming a parent is major life transition for women and so often a time when their careers stall. Organisations that recognise this and take steps to retain and re-engage their female talent:

  • Build and sustain a strong female talent pipeline

  • Increase the wellbeing of their working mums

  • Broaden the age and gender diversity of the organisation

  • Improve their reputation as a family-friendly employer

  • Increase productivity among parents

  • Reduce the gender pay gap

  • Save on recruitment costs due to skills gaps

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Emma specialises in supporting organisations to re-engage their women returners, through maternity coaching, training and return-to-work consultancy. 

Emma started her career in STEM and has a chemistry PhD. Before taking a maternity break, Emma worked as a director in a variety of sectors, including media and recruitment. She has extensive, first-hand expertise in business transformation and leadership. Following her maternity break, Emma gained a Certificate in Coaching with the University of Cambridge. She has worked as a consultant, trainer and executive coach since 2015. Emma’s experience in successfully climbing the corporate ladder and being a working mum, gives her a 360-degree perspective on both the needs of maternity returners and the organisations they work for.

The organisations that Emma is working with include BAM Nuttall, General Dental Council, GE Healthcare, International Institute for Environment and Development, Wellcome Sanger Institute, STEM Returners and the UK Atomic Energy Authority.



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About Emma


White Paper: Engaging Women in the Workplace after Maternity

This paper reviews the current situation regarding women returning to work after maternity and explores how businesses can re-engage them and get them on a career fast track.

It is designed to help organisations:

  • Build and sustain a female talent pipeline

  • Reduce the gender pay gap

  • Broaden diversity at senior levels

  • Fill skills gaps

  • Generate PR opportunities

  • Increase productivity

  • Improve retention