Solutions to support women and their organisations through maternity transition

Why do organisations need to improve support for working mums?

Businesses and organisations are at risk of losing their female talent post-maternity, with gender pay gap reporting highlighting that women's careers all too often stall after they become parents. This is due to a variety of factors, such as the limited number of flexible working roles at senior levels and biases in organisations about the ambition of working mums.


Thousands of professional women are in work, but trapped in roles that are lower skilled than they are qualified for, in order to be able to work part time. Organisations are also failing to re-engage with over 400,000 professional/managerial women who are on a career break and want to return to work.


These groups comprise a huge, untapped talent pool for organisations.

Re-engaging, retaining and developing women returners in your business would:

  • Build and sustain a female talent pipeline, enabling more women to reach senior levels in your organisation.

  • Broaden the age and gender diversity of your organisation, giving you a commercial edge.

  • Improve your reputation as a family-friendly employer.

  • Increase productivity, which improves when parents are well-supported and able to effectively juggle home and work.

  • Reduce the gender pay gap, as women become better able to progress in the organisation.

  • Save money, as increased retention reduces recruitment costs and losses in productivity when female workers are able to stay in your organisation for longer.

  • Address skills gaps, as so many highly qualified women dip out of the workforce following maternity.


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Before taking a maternity break, Emma worked at director level in a variety of sectors, working at executive-board level for Hobsons plc, a former subsiduary of the Daily Mail Group. She gained extensive, first-hand business expertise in business transformation and leadership.

Before taking a maternity career break, Emma was Client Services Director at Graduate Recruitment Solutions, a division of GTI which provides end-to-end bespoke recruitment process outsourcing solutions for graduate employers. Following her break Emma gained a Certificate in Coaching with the University of Cambridge and now works as a consultant, trainer and executive coach, specialising in supporting women with their career development through their maternity transitions.

This combination of personal and professional expertise in successfully climbing the corporate ladder and being a parent, gives her an insightful and valuable perspective on both the needs of women returners and the organisations they work for. Organisations Emma has worked with include:











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